6 months to fully and confidently step into your Authentic Sovereign Leadership, structure your Life's work to match your unique essence and master receiving financial abundance without the pressure and burnout 

Is this you? 

~ You are a successful, spiritually mature and ambitious leader in your field of expertise.

~ As a conscious coach or expert, you want to fulfill your mission, while thriving financially and personally.

~ You want to work less and receive more, while having more spaciousness in your life, without having to force yourself into rigid business strategies.

~ But you’ve realized that to achieve that, you need to let go of the pressure to constantly prove yourself and under-valuing your expertise, and gracefully receive money  with ease. 


 ~ You are so good at cheering and empowering others, but you tend to be hard on yourself and use a lot of pressure to achieve the results you want.

~ You are a sensitive and caring person, yet you seem to forget about yourself, thus end up compromising your own needs again and again.

~ Although you are good at what you do, you lack clarity on what you should focus on, thus end up doing a lot, which not always bring you equivalent rewards.

~ You haven’t found a way to balance the space you crave for innovation and personal development with running a profitable business, so you either push hard to get things done until you find yourself exhausted, or you get stuck in apathy and self-sabotage.

~ Worst of all, you begin to doubt your ability to scale your business into consistent $10k months, wondering if you’ll ever be able to bring in more income while having more time for yourself. 

Here is the truth...

~ I believe you don't need to sacrifice your needs or scale down your desires to be a heart-centered leader. 

~ It’s just not right that such a gifted and dedicated expert like you finds herself depleted because of the lack of proper boundaries.

~ I totally get how hard it is when you know you are ready to expand, and yet end up in resistance, doubting your Gifts.

~ I get the frustration of feeling insecure when you want to take a leap forward, and you are afraid to fail or disappoint your clients.

Over the 10 years of experience through "ups and downs" in developing the necessary strength and determination, I went beyond my own struggles with the 3 key issues - visibility, money and burnout. 

And I have helped many heart-centered and ambitious women - just like you - to overcome their subconscious fears, confidently step into their sovereign leadership roles and powerfully structure their Life's work to match their unique essence, so that you too can honor your Genius, magnetize your ideal clients with ease and live your Purpose, while thriving financially and personally.

This is why I created my Magnetic Leadership Method:

Using my Magnetic Leadership Method, I guide you through the specific steps to help you go from the overwhelm and exhaustion in realizing your mission and creating financial abundance in your business to the next level of freedom and flow, WITHOUT compromising your values, heart desires and natural rhythm.

DREAM BIG: Own your Big Vision and unapologetically claim your core desire to to activate your Soul Calling in your business journey.

⬥RE-WRITE THE STORY: Re-write the old self-limiting story, so that you can become magnetic to the new level of experiences (aka, clients, money, and opportunities).

⬥SAY YES TO BEING THE RULER OF YOUR KINGDOM: Confidently step into your Sovereign Leadership so that you can freely be who you are, without having to minimize, contract or prove yourself.

⬥FROM CHAOS TO FLOW: Integrate a soul-aligned order in your business, so that you can finally enjoy it, while having more spaciousness in your life, without getting stuck in the overwhelm or having to work even harder.

⬥TRANSFORM YOUR MONEY LIMITATIONS: Clear your subconscious and energetic limitations and expand your capacity to receive money, so that you can create the financial freedom you deserve. 

⬥EMBODY MAGNETISM: Finally create your authentic legacy and manifest consciously from your feminine flow to ensure a guaranteed victory, without having to force and sacrifice yourself.



⬥ Imagine that you no longer feel overwhelmed, and instead, every moment is filled with peace, clarity and power from within.

Imagine you no longer have to pretend that you are less than you are, and instead, you step into and show up as your most magnetic and unapologetic self.

How amazing it will feel when you create from expansion, get paid your worth and attract everything you need with certainty, without having to push and sacrifice yourself.

⬥ Envision yourself easily closing high-ticket offers without objections, because you fine-tuned your message to match your essence and mastered the energetics.

This and more will become your reality with ease and grace as we work together.


Hi, my name is Viktorija Sage and I am a Magnetic Leadership Catalyst and Business Vision Strategist, with over a decade of expertise in leading people to their highest potential through personal transformation and conscious creation.

I specialise in helping conscious coaches, transformational leaders and experts in their fields to advance in their leadership masterty and quantum leap to the next level in their income and impact, by releasing constraints to their power & financial freedom and aligning their business with their unique soul essence.

I began helping conscious female entrepreneurs activate their magnetic power because I got tired of seeing powerful, spiritually-attuned women working too hard or selling themselves short, while trying to create the impact and lifestyle they know they are here for.

This is why I help you clean up layers of conditioning and habitual self-minimizing that hide your greatness and true power, or block your ability to receive money with grace, so that you can lead powerfully, while thriving in your mission. 

 What makes the mentorship with me different: 

⬥ Born with extrasensory perception (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience), I can read energy and receive data from the Quantum field. I can guide my clients on their soul-aligned trajectory to their highest potential, wealth and fulfillment with more ease and acceleration.

⬥ As a successful entrepreneur for over 10 years, I “walk my talk” and know what it takes to create and run a profitable heart-centered business. I’m not one of these coaches who will tell you: “Just think positively, trust in the Universe and wait for the magic to happen”. I combine the spiritual, mindset and energetics, with the practical business strategies for ensured long-lasting results.

⬥ Working with me, you will get the proven tools that helped me and my clients to authentically succeed. I can support your audacity, show you the blind spots that need to be addressed and help you clear the subconscious patterns and conditioned energies, so that you can finally step into the heart of what you came here to do and feel more ease to be in your natural flow and abundance.

⬥Last but not least, I do not worship the “cookie-cutter” solutions. Your unique Genius is fully honored here and you will receive a tailored-uniquely-for-you and your business strategies, so that you can have the most aligned success.


What clients say about the mentorship with Viktorija:

Kristina Jenciute

Transformational change mentor

I felt called for a faster track forward. I wanted to feel courage to bring my Soul gifts and to feel confident to speak, to position myself, and to run my business with pleasure. It would have taken a long time to go that far on my own, and with you in only 6 months I made a huge leap. I'm happy how naturally my message flows now when I'm aligned - no more thinking. I love how bravely I show up in public. It's hard to put in words what a gift is working with Viktorija - clear guidance, illumination of your path and huge support that leads to graceful acceleration and amazing results. If you are thinking whether to work with Viktorija - it would be your best choice so far.

Diana Sophia

Women's empowerment mentor

I was used to look narrowly and couldn't take a broad view. I could only see my one next step and no further. It is extremely difficult then to motivate yourself to move forward, despite the loud calling of the Soul. Viktorija provided me with the bird's eye to see my Big Vision - earthly, tangible, not the inaccessible layers. Together with her, we organically laid out my Life's work in a way that I like and fully resonate with. Now I understand where I'm going to, thus I can create from expansion, no longer from contraction. I'm grateful that we didn't push anything by force. I appreciate that Viktorija tuned into me to feel what was needed specifically at this phase of my journey.

Samanta Skrajune

Radical awakening alchemist

I was afraid to acknowledge that I wanted More for myself - to become someone who has her business and supports people on a large scale. There were many ideas and roads I took, but I always got scared. I came to the mentorship, knowing that this will be it. The Calling was strong, I couldn't ignore it. My expectations not only were met, they were exceeded. Today I'm my own boss and live my dream future. I’m creating from my heart, not from my head anymore. It started quite fast when we started working together. I wish you the courage to take this leap. Viktorija is not a typical mentor. You will become alive for the first time and you will receive tenfold more than what you invest.

As an expert, who knows her worth, it’s time for you to stop looking for approval from the outside, and activate your financial abundance and authentic legacy by embodying your Magnetic Leadership.


This is for you..

  • You are a conscious coach or expert in your field, you are meeting with paying clients and you have good results;
  • You've ben working hard and you want to create your business in a way that your feminine side feels good, and stop putting pressure on yourself to fit into the strategies that don’t feel natural for you;
  • You are beyond ready to value who you are and what you do, and activate the next level of abundance;
  • You are action-oriented, mature person, responsible for your own results, willing to learn and grow in self-mastery;
  • You crave for a highly personalised support from an experienced mentor who can fully see you, and combines business with personal development.

This is not for your if...

  • You are looking for a quick solution out of desperation "get money now";
  • You think a mentorship program will help you make $10k per month instantly, without doing the work necessary to achieve these results;
  • You are not committed to your personal evolution, you are committed to excuses instead of taking responsibility and developing in your mastery;
  • You believe that you can figure things out on your own without investing or by using free courses;
  • You don't have a dream to live your purpose and freedom based lifestyle, while sharing your gifts and making an impact in the world.

What is possible if you choose to honor your Genius and make a step forward   

Instead of being a best hidden coach or expert, you emerge as a sought-after leader, revealing your brilliance and magnetizing your ideal clients with ease, while…

♦ Confidently positioning yourself as a leader in your niche, because you fully stepped into your power.

♦ Getting paid well for your Life's work, because you reclaimed your worth and upgraded your business to reflect your true majesty.

♦ Taking time and space for yourself - to travel, contemplate, indulge and innovate because you know that this is the key to having integrity and flow.

♦ Delivering the highest level service, because you’re no longer stressed and depleted.

But to get there, you need to choose to put yourself first. It's your time Now.

When you choose to step up, you will liberate your creative potential and financial abundance, and powerfully impact this world.


Ugne Zukauskiene

CEO, Multidimensional creator

Mentorship with Viktorija is the best gift for yourself. With Viktorija's support, nothing is scary and everything is achievable. You will receive guidance, alignment and empowerment. You will feel her support not only in the calls, but all the time during the mentorship. She will not let you get caught up in the states that defeat you, but will always uplift and rejoice with you. Wise and loving, she creates a safe space for you to unfold in your unique way. You will become who you are, who you came here to be. No longer small, but authentic, radiant you. You will make big leaps and you will start living masterfully a new phase, a new game, from a new state of being.