What clients say about working with Viktorija

"I was used to working with male methods and principles and I felt that I wanted to integrate more lightness in my activities.I liked that the mentoring includes both parts - the process starts with clarifying internal things, feeling values, removing limiting blocks and easily moves towards business modeling. Lucky me that I allowed myself to go on this trip. I have more clarity and what is really important to me. I appreciate to have discovered the pleasure and joy of the process. If you feel that you are calling, I would recommend that you don't hesitate and allow yourself to experience Victoria's escort. Her support undoubtedly adds value to moving towards your dreams more efficiently, smoothly and gently."
~ Jurgita Velickiene

Financial management consultant, CFO

"What we did with Victoria is a quick way to success. I can't imagine how long it would have taken for me alone to come this far. Now my confidence in what I do is 120%. And it all comes from our work with Victoria. Her example, support and faith in me boosted my confidence. I gained confidence about the value of my work. I have more confidence to sell my programs at higher rates because I have a clear idea of what I can give to my clients. It’s a completely different knowing and certainty. It has become easier to show up on social media. By refining my niche, I now find it easier to convey my message. I literally opened up both on a personal and professional level. I haven't been so happy in a long time. I have a lot of energy, drive and lightness. It felt so glad working with Victoria.  I needed someone just like her. Now I live in pleasure and joy, and this attracts my clients. Something indescribable and unique. I am beyond grateful."
~ Lina Rimasauskiene

Business strategist for women, Financial advisor

"The most significant transformation has been my inner state - gaining confidence and self-assurance. This internal shift manifested externally in the new premises for my fashion house, complete with a large sewing room and a dedicated team. Throughout this journey, I felt supported by Victoria's patience, unconditional love, and guidance, especially through challenging times. Her ability to systematize information, highlight what's crucial for my business's growth, and provide clear, structured steps has been invaluable. Victoria's extensive experience spans the spiritual to the material, making her an exceptional mentor for anyone seeking holistic approach in their business. For those feeling stuck, Victoria is the beacon that will illuminate new paths."
~ Agne Deveikyste

Fashion designer

"Victoria is generous, competent, empowering and supportive. After two mentorships with her my business moved so fast as if I would drive with a bicycle off the hill with no brakes. I felt I onboarded an express train that was designed specifically for me. I started my mentorship with the intention to help others in their healing, wellbeing and love - this is what my business is about today. Besides, now I feel the hostess of my life. And realized that taking care of myself is not selfishness but a necessity."
~ Ruta Lapenaite

Yoga teacher

"It's hard to put such experiences into words because change is huge, growth is gigantic, transformations are multi-layered. The mentorship with Victoria was the best gift I gave for myself. With her support, nothing is scary and everything is possible to achieve. You feel Victoria's presence and support not only during the calls, but throughout all of your mentorship. It feels like she's always standing next to you - wise, calm and loving. She will not allow you to stay too long in the state of defeat. She will always uplift, inspire and rejoice with you. You will receive guidance, alignment and empowerment. She creates a safe space for you to unfold in your own unique way. You are no longer small, but authentic and radiant you. You become who you are, whom you came here to be. You start a new phase of living and leading masterfully."
~ Ugne Zukauskiene

Head of the company

"I felt I needed some unexperienced freedom. Private mentorship with Victoria provided me the tools to implement that in my life. Victoria is very patient and confident in the process. Throughout my mentorship journey, I felt heard and important at a level I didn’t know was possible. Now I know how to take a good care of myself and this expands into all of my relationships. I recommend this mentorship for a woman who is important to herself and for whom it's important what she gives to others."
~ Lolita Sorokina

Personal development trainer

"Victoria greatly supported me on my journey to the next level. I had experiences with different mentors before and I can see the difference - her energy is real, setting a beautiful example. She supported me to stand in my power. I'm grateful to have a conscious mentor who sets high standards. If you have doubts about working with her, I wish you to not doubt anymore." 
~ Viktorija Bali

Sound healer and artist

"Working with Victoria, I fully dedicated myself to my growth and made myself a priority. I started to live the life that I really wanted to live. Liberated expression, recognition of self-worth, confidence, courage to speak my truth, as well as the unfoldiment of my gifts, besides the many practical positive changes that rapidly took place in my life. I am extremely grateful."
~ Ieva Brazauskaite

Spiritual teacher

"I knew that a regular coach wouldn't fit me, because the problem wasn’t that I didn’t know what to do, it was the deep things, the outdated programs that called for a very grounded mentor. I chose you because you seemed to have a great combination - being successful, teaching female leaders business and a great spiritual advisor to help integrate the soul calling. The greatest value I received is the alignment with my true essence, which allows to take action from peace and confidence. I finally crystallized and put in words who I am as a coach. I discovered simplicity and ease in doing the things that I love and that create financial well-being. My mind was doubting, if someone could help me, after all, I’ve achieved and I know so much. But I listened to the guidance of my body, which communicated that this journey would absolutely help me. Based on how I feel now, I am in a completely different state. That's your journey without the roundabouts!"
~ Simona Ampiainen

Personal leadership coach

"The mentorship with Victoria was my continuation after attending her retreat in the South of France. I underwent significant transformations. I was able to establish a very strong spiritual connection and feel the healing, the strength and the leadership within myself. I found the power to believe in myself and to feel sufficient. Today I can lead my own clients with the embodied knowledge of how it feels to be a healed woman."
~ Ruta Lenkauskiene

University lector and mentor

"I attended Victoria's business program for leaders and after that my business was really growing and getting stronger. I wanted to grow and improve even more. My desire was also to find a peace of mind. In those 6 months of my private mentorship my life has turned around. Big changes have taken place and most importantly, everything went with ease and grace. I learned to love myself even more, to take time for myself and enjoy life. I feel more freedom, confidence and contentment. Now I can hear my own guidance and I celebrate my business expansion and exciting new opportunities that present themselves."
~ Silvija Simulyte

Holistic healer

"I had mentors and coaches in the past. After I got the taste of what it's like to be in your presence, the taste of your guidance, I just knew I had to continue. For a period of time I waited for a guide to walk into my life with whom I could resonate on this deep level. The traditional mentorship I did before was about the skills - ‚Äúthis is what you have to do‚ÄĚ, taking more of the masculine action. Your guidance was very different, nothing I experienced before.¬†You saw in me something that I did not yet, and I wanted to do the work with you.¬†I never knew I would be doing what I do now. I was afraid to acknowledge that I wanted more for myself, to become someone who is free to share her gifts, who has a¬†her own business that benefits many people, on a large scale. You provided the tools that are gold for me. They are the foundation to do what I do today and to continue to build. With your support, I laid the foundations that are powerful and sustainable.¬†Thank you for seeing me and helping me rise into who I am today."
 ~ Samanta Skrajune

Transformational leader 

"The most important thing that I received from the mentorship with Victoria was the big picture. Before, I was used to look narrowly  and could only see my one next step, but no further. When there is nothing ahead, you don't know where you go, and thus it is extremely difficult to motivate yourself to move forward, depite the loud calling. Together with Victoria, we organically sorted out and laid out my Life's work in a way that I fully resonate with. Victoria provided me with this bird's eye view to see my big vision  - the tangible one, not the inaccessible layers. Now I understand where I'm going to and without judging my pace, I experience the expansion, no longer the contraction. I am grateful that we didn't push and didn't give birth to anything by force. I appreciate that Victoria tuned into me to feel what was needed specifically for me and my path."
~ Diana Sophia

Women's empowerment mentor

"Victoria is compassionate and loving, yet firmly grounded mentor. All of her guidance is towards yourself. The most important thing of all that she supports is inner alignment. Within this alignment everything is possible and all the fears, insecurities, old programs dissolve in the easiest way. My previous obstacles now seem as illusion lies where I limited myself. I'm grateful that Victoria lit up my blind-spots clearly for me. I will always be grateful to myself for choosing her and her mentorship program - it was the best choice I ever made. I wish that every woman who is seeking to step into her authentic feminine leadership finds her."
~ Kristina Jankauske

Women's mentor 

"I was tired, exhausted and did not see the meaning in the job I was doing. I chose to work with Victoria Sage because she met all of my expectations. I have seen how she works miracles with her other clients and the changes that are really taking place afterwards. With her help, I stepped into my own power and created my own business, based on my spiritual gifts, that takes less time, but brings financial abundance, joy and meaning. The most precious thing for me is that now I can do what I love, work with my aligned clients, have plenty of time for myself, and earn as much as in my previous job. Stop dreaming, and take your chance to receive Victoria's support."
~ Greta Zebeliene 

Personal transformational coach

"Having coached people for some time, I found myself at a crossroads. I realized that while a single session could propel a person forward, it barely scratched the surface of their potential. Deep down, I knew that a more extended engagement was necessary to truly unlock their capabilities, but I was unsure how to implement this change in my business. I yearned to elevate my practice to the next level. Mentoring with Victoria was the catalyst for this transformation. It provided me with higher-level insights into my own mastery, and taught me how to present myself and my services to clients in a new way. I developed structures not only to support my clients more effectively but also to help them learn about me and my approach. The result was clarity, coupled with a newfound confidence in my unique gifts. Now I'm walking steadily and with purpose."
~ Simona Bareviciute

Optimised potential mentor

"I had a clear vision for my life, but I was in search of a guiding force that could support me holistically and help me achieve my goals efficiently. I wanted to avoid any unnecessary use of my time, resources, or energy. Victoria's unwavering support was exactly what I needed. She intuitively knew how to provide precisely what I required at any given moment. Her guidance was instrumental in helping me embrace my masculine energy - introducing much-needed structure, accountability, and responsibility into my coaching practice, and I also found myself immersed in my feminine energy even more. With Victoria's help, I was able to restore balance and firmly root myself in condidence in my spiritual gifts. This ignited a newfound desire to share my talents fearlessly and to assert my worth confidently."
~ Laura Giedra

Spiritual coach and energy healer

"Engaging in the VIP day with Victoria was the highlight of my year, marking a significant expansion in my self-awareness. This journey reshaped the way I communicate about my work, transforming what once was a daunting task into a natural expression of my passion. I've moved beyond the fear of offering my services to clients. I've learned to honor my ambitions, allowing myself to envision and pursue my grandest dreams without delay. This mentoring experience with Victoria has not only redefined my professional approach but has also encouraged me to manifest my biggest visions with confidence."

Designer, creator of spaces and interiors

"I was emotionally exhausted, my work was at a standstill, and payments were delayed. I chose to work with Victoria Sage within a VIP day, because I needed intensive, personal work. My goal was to transform the blocks preventing me from achieving financial abundance and creating my dream reality. The VIP day helped me regain my self-esteem and confidence, returning to a state of ease. I now celebrate having the tools to create the reality I dream of. I've achieved abundance effortlessly - attracted clients who value me and my services, and signed new contracts. I've also begun a new, harmonious romantic relationship. What stood out to me in Victoria's way of guiding me was the precision, attentiveness, and clarity. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Victoria as your mentor to embrace bold changes and self-discovery."
~ Ugne Kucinskaite


"I have achieved all the goals that I set when joining the program. I was especially surprised at how personally tailored everything was - leadership, strategy, sales, etc. I felt heard, understood, and found a way that works best for me. Victoria aligned my strategy with my feminine essence and my unique needs, things that matter for me. What follows from this is that it is now easy for me to run my business. Over the years, I had accumulated a wealth of knowledge, methods and wisdom, but I was at a loss as to what to focus. Victoria helped refine my message, bringing out the essence and value of my work to my ideal clients. She also helped me adjust my pricing and release my limiting money beliefs. I gained new sales skills that allow me to authentically support my clients in the decision-making process. This helped to attract and successfully sign up a new client with an increased price within a week of acquiring the new approach. Working with Victoria, also empowered me to make important decisions that help me navigate my personal life, maintaining my commitments to family and self-care."
~ Aiste Samuliene

Radiant Feminine mentor

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